Friday, March 25, 2016

Greek Odyssey '16 -- Osios Loukos and Livadia

While we were supposed to hike in the hills around Delphi today, the weather gods conspired against us. A night of rain and a steady mist all morning made trails unpleasant. So we skipped the hike and headed straight to the Monastery of Osios Loukos (Blessed Luke). 

At the monastery, students experienced the world of Byzantine Christianity (Greek Orthodox) with its amazing frescoes and mosaics. Ms. Hardwick guided the students through a discussion of iconography and the design influences of Judaism on orthodox worship spaces. And Luke, being a saint and thus immune to decay, was still there in his glass coffin to receive pilgrims. 

The church clearly shows the use of repurposed building materials. These block were likely part of an earlier Greek temple. 

The mosaics are impressive and recreate the heavens for pilgrims gaping in awe. 

On our way from the monastery to Athens we made a quick decision to take lunch in a random town along the way, Livadia. And we were so grateful for having done so. The quaint town featured a wonderful river flowing through its center. The stone bridges and walkways were simultaneously vibrant and relaxing. Plus, hardly anyone seemed to speak English. While this made ordering lunch hard, it also made the experience a memorable one. 

But now we are once again on our way to Athens. We'll be just in time for the big Independence Day celebrations. 

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