Saturday, March 26, 2016

Greek Odyssey '16 -- Hellenic Pride

Athens hosted our group again to show off both its city and national pride on Greek Independence Day. The parade was a unique one as it featured not the bands and floats of an American-style parade, but the tanks, rockets, jets, and soldiers of the Greek military. Hellenic pride was on vivid display and the constant singing of nationalistic folk tunes helped our students understand that even if Greece is in economic crisis, they are united in their love of country. 

The modern military defending Greece rolls past the ancient arch honoring Hadrian. 

Our students visited Olympic Stadium, site of the first modern Olympics. The urge to "dab," apparently, was overwhelming. 

In the Acropolis Museum, we realized that Hellas was beginning to weep with us as our time in Greece grows short. 

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