Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Saints in Romania-One week until takeoff!

For the 11th year, SSSAS 10th graders will be traveling over spring break to the Pro Vita orphanage in Romania. This year, I will be accompanied by Fr. Chris Miller, Mr. Carl Johnson, and 11 wonderful sophomore Saints.

Pro Vita is located in the village of Valea Screzii, about 2 hours north of the Capitol of Romania (and where will be flying in and out of), Bucharest. The community houses orphans, battered women, elderly, and those that cannot care for themselves or have nowhere else to go.

While in Pro Vita, we will be helping around doing whatever is needed of us. We will be tutoring in English, playing with the children, doing manual work, and most importantly just being present. We will be showing the children that there are those that care about them halfway around the world. In order to better interact with the children, we will be having a daily lesson in Romanian, the only Romance language in Eastern Europe!

About halfway through the trip, we will also have the opportunity to travel to the beautiful mountainous region of Transylvania. We will get to explore old castles and forts and beautiful towns during our overnight excursion. The highlight of this getaway is being able to visit Bran Castle-home of Vlad the Impaler and the inspiration for Dracula!

Students and chaperones alike are all very excited for the trip to get underway. We have been meeting regularly to prepare for the experience and have started to collect school supplies and sports equipment to donate to the children of the community. 

Please follow along during our week abroad as I will be updating daily with fun stories, pictures, and student reflections on our time at Pro Vita.

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