Saturday, March 19, 2016

China Day 1 - First Night Adventures

We are here!! It was a long trip, but we finally arrived and got started! See below for student posts on our first night's adventures:

"Even though we just arrived here in China, we have already absorbed so much of Beijing's city life. It is difficult to describe; I would probably say the closest thing to it in the U.S. is NYC only with more diverse architecture. It was incredible: there were vendors selling everything from lamb balls to snake and scorpion. The city is full of beautiful sights, stores full of beautiful musical instruments. I am excited for the rest of the trip."
- Katerina

"The Chinese architecture of the Forbidden Palace is stunning, and the architecture of the city is surprisingly ornate and traditional. "
- Sam Dubke

"The Chinese yogurt is great, Josiah loves it."
-Matthew May

"Long trip; flight was over two days :D
"I got to watch Frozen during the plane ride so I'm happy about that. It was a fun plane ride!!
"I was able to talk to people kinda when we went on our own and ordered stuffs. I like Beijing minus the air quality, but it was cool to see the differences between this city and the ones we have back in the states!"
- Matthew Lu

"The back alleys and wide busy boulevards create an interesting contrast between the modern and the historic."
-Nick G

"Children look at me funny. They all manage to stare. I have a feeling I don't look like the people they usually see."
"The street food is a nexus of pop culture and traditional cuisine, and the sheer variety of food is astonishing. I also ate a roast scorpion."

"The shower has a warning sign "Waring floor is clippery!", that alone won me over for the hostel. This place is #dope."
-Jack B.

"The scorpion was dank."
- Josiah

"At the outdoor food market, I tried some snake. 2/10 would not recommend."

"I loved walking around the city and staring at all the dumplings they sold on the street."

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