Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Greek Odyssey '16 -- Epidauros and Mycene

Today was another day for exploration in archaeological sites around the city of Nafplio. Students enjoyed an unexpectedly empty theater at Epidaurus. And several were able to take the opportunity to give recitations or sing from the stage. The acoustics at the theater are so amazing that someone speaking in a normal tone of voice could be clearly heard even in the highest row.

After walking through the healing shrine, we made our way over to the ancient tombs and fortress at Mycene. We passed through the Lion Gate, discussed the Trojan war and the literary sources associated with it. 

And after a brief stop to see Agamemnon's throne room, we explored the very deep, very dark cistern that sustained the fortress during sieges.

After a very late lunch of roasted lamb and stuffed tomatoes, we returned to our current home city of Nauplio and set out to enjoy the evening in small groups. Even though tomorrow contains a massive hike up to the top of Acrocorinth, most of us are preparing to set out on a separate excursion to the top of the Venetian fortress here in town. Were told there are 999 steps. No one is certain whether we should try to count them. Or even if we should want to try to count them.

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