Wednesday, March 23, 2016

China Day 5: Xi'an Wall, Terra Cotta soldiers, and more!!

We started the day by biking nine miles along the city wall in Xi'an and then headed out of the city to see the incredible Terra Cotta Soldiers. We finished up by visiting the city's history museum and eating yet another delicious dinner of dumplings and huge noodle bowls.

The Fountain show was amazing!!!! The water must have gone 200ft in the air and there were pillars of fire forming a ring around the holograms of Mao and Confucius in between the water!!
I have never been so impressed by water before.
-Jack B. in collaboration w/ Paul

Today we went to a noodle house and they gave us a bowl the size of a bottom of a bucket. I was so full by the end of it. I felt so bad for letting all those noodles go to waste! We also saw the terra-cotta warriors which were so amazing because of the many different faces.

The terra-cotta warriors were very cool. There are far more of them than I thought there were going to be, and it was also interesting to learn about the history of ancient China.
- Sam Dubke

One warrior is three times older than our entire country. Its hard to imagine that all of that could be made for a single man.
-Robert Sutherland

I loved biking along the wall with Julia and having the bike break halfway.

In the morning we biked around Xi'an's city walls. I tandem biked with Jocelyn. It was challenging at first but we got the hang of it. We also got to see emperor Shihungi's private army of terra-cotta soldiers. It was an awe inspiring experience to see them in person.

Tandem bikes are definitely more difficult to ride and to maneuver than single-bikes, but I'm definitely glad that I tried it out-- Especially because my partner and I did a whole lot of singing while we biked the city wall!  However, even more amazing was seeing the Terracotta Warriors in person.  I'd heard a lot about them, but I'd thought it was exaggerated-- they definitely lived up to all of the hype.

Taylor and I conquered a tandem bike on the wall of Xi'an. The bumpy road proved to be a challenge that we successfully overcame.

Biking Xi'an's city walls and seeing the terra-cotta warriors was an unforgettable experience, and we ended the day with some delicious noodles.

One of the highlights of today was riding a tandem bike with Nicki on the Xian South Gate this morning. It was a fun challenge and I loved belting out tunes unashamedly and getting weird stares from strangers.

The Xi'an noodles were delicious.
-Matthew May

I finally ran out of money today. Time for a withdrawal.

The terra cotta warriors were a sight to see. I did not realize the amount of them that there were. The noodles are also delicious.
- Josiah

The Xi'an walls were cool. It was nice, wide and uniform. You couldn't see much of the city due to the smog though. I liked the handmade noodles for lunch today. It was great!! The terra-cotta soldiers were really nice to see; they were so life-like! :O
I liked the dinner today too, the waitresses were really nice and mixed the bowl of noodles for me :)
- Matthew Lu

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