Thursday, March 24, 2016

Greek Odyssey '16 -- Acrocorinth Reflection

Climbing to the top of the 1,700 ft (feel free to fact check this) Acrocorinth was in a few senses a very eye opening experience. Even though we drove a significant portion up the mountain, the hike to the very top was steep and nothing short of a workout.  After maybe 20 minutes of preseason-caliber panting and burning legs, we walked into a grassy clearing and I felt as though I had truly reached the sky.  Even with mountains looming in all directions you could see for miles and miles.  It was legitimately breathtaking. 

After a picnic lunch at the top, we walked back down the mountain and I began to marvel at the logistical feat that was the fort we had just climbed.  Thinking about transporting all the materials needed to create this fort made my head spin, and once the materials were on site they had to actually build the fort.  Climbing to the summit provided a completely newfound appreciation for the abilities of Ancient Greeks. 

-- Olivia Gilliam, '17

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