Saturday, March 21, 2015

Florence at last!

We made it to Florence! Our gracious bus driver got us here in about six hours after we landed in Nice, taking us along a gorgeous and exciting road next to the Italian coast (and the waters of the Ligurian Sea). Arrival time: not much after 6 PM. After our hotel room assignments, we hit the wet streets of the great Renaissance city. I say "wet," but the rain gods did us kindly by leaving us alone for our journey across town to dinner.
Again, we experienced more Italian kindness (and good eats) at the hands of our restaurant hosts, and we followed that up with...gelato!

Tomorrow, it's art time and a few of Florence's famous museums! (By the way, the gang has once again revealed its mettle by enjoying themselves despite another hurdle: Air France was not able to get our luggage to Nice in time. We should have it by morning, but either way, we'll continue with the sweet lemonade. Go Saints!) 

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