Friday, March 20, 2015

Italian Air Traffic Controller Strike? No problem!

"Art in Italy" in Amsterdam? Yes, it's true. In the wake of another strike in Italy, this time involving the ever-critical air traffic controllers, we decided to take off for Europe anyway and find another way into Florence. (Thank you, Italian bus drivers!) So, instead of landing in Florence on Friday, we landed in Amsterdam and stayed. Prométour arranged a guide and driver to see some quintessential sites in and around the city, and KLM got us secured in comfortable accommodations ten minutes from the airport. We visited a Dutch farm that produces authentic, fresh, and scrumptious cheese, and believe it or not, the iconic Dutch wooden shoes. The cows were SO curious and friendly in the presence of twenty equally friendly American faces! And the cheese...OMG. Then, we posed before one of the remaining operating wind mills and walked along the canals and among the cafés and shops in the central part of the city. The striking workers threw us lemons, and the gang made sweet they say!

Tomorrow, we're off early (5AM) for the airport to catch a 7:30-ish flight to Paris. Then, we change planes for a quick hop into Nice. Finally, a kind bus driver will take us to Florence from France and get us to our waiting hotel rooms around 7PM. We'll get there eventually, and we've been able to hang onto (luckily!) the bulk of our original itinerary, but man, oh, man, what a great bunch of kind and patient and fun SSSAS students! Ciao, amici!

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