Sunday, March 29, 2015

French Friends!

Taking a break after seeing the Bayeux Tapestry!
Students enjoy a cafe in the sunshine!
"I especially love becoming good friends with the French kids.  It's such a special experience to become close with teenagers from other countries!"
-- Iso
"Yesterday, we got back early from the Normandy Beaches and decided to play a game of basketball.  There were just 5 of us Americans to start, but slowly, the French got out of classes and came to play.  First, 3 v 2, then half court, and finally, a full-court French versus Americans game of basketball...The laughing allowed for us to bond -- having fun is truly universal!"
-- Adele

"I've made so many friends during this trip -- not only new French friends, but also students from school whom I had never met!"
-- Taylor G.
Bowling with new friends

More bowling fun

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