Thursday, March 19, 2015

3/19 Airport Adventurers x2

Departing from the SSSAS campus with two buses (one for luggage and one for didn't make sense to us either), the Saints Spain travelers arrived at Reagan with lots of excitement. Armed with stuffed suitcases and constant reminders to hold onto our passports, we laughed and joked our way to the small plane that would take us to Philadelphia. After some delays, we finally took off and spent the flight wondering about what the next week would have in store. During this comically short flight on a rather small plane in which one 6'4" student had a difficult time standing, we contemplated the big questions: will our Spanish be good enough? What will the school be like? What are we doing tomorrow? And, of course, will there be wifi?

The answer, by the way, to that last one is yes. We are currently laid over in the Philadelphia airport, where will be passing time enjoying the luxuries the airport has to offer, including wifi, Dunkin Donuts, and a playground (designed for little kids, but who's keeping track?) We take off at 6:50 tonight and arrive in Spain tomorrow morning. We'll keep you posted as the adventure continues!

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