Sunday, March 29, 2015

Classical Italy Day 4: a lifelong student (part 4)


I must admit I was a little nervous that we would not make it to Terracina on time.  The last admission is an hour before sunset.  We made it with plenty of time to spare despite the bus being unable to go up the main road to the sight because the switch backs were too narrow.  Instead the bus took us along a road that featured an SPQT sign.  That's right "T" not "R."   A few towns copied Rome with the motto Senatus Populusque followed by their Terracinus -- the Senate and the People of Terracina. I have seen the same thing at Beneventum (SPQB).  My attempt at snapping a picture from the bus priced only partially successful.  

               SPQ? (It is a "T" I swear)

Students walked on the podium of the temple to Hupiter Anxur and then along the cryptoporticus.  After enjoying the view and taking panoramas they played Ninja and Velociraptor.  A few took silhouette pictures using the sun as the background.  Exploration of the site gave way to selfies, singing, and senior photos at the gift shop.  Students were really enjoying being together.  Terracina seems to bring out the best, or close to it, of group comraderie.  Some students enjoyed the local cats.  I spent a little time reading the signs about the local trees.  

We hopped on the bus and headed for Rome.  If only we had a speaker, I could have educated all the students about good 80's music, which a few are sure didn't exist.  I hundred then with my introduction of songs, justifications for their greatness, and singing.  There is some debate over whether I hit the high notes in Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie.  For the record those closest to me and listening to the song with the iPod earbuds confirm I did.  It may be true that the anyone sleeping at that point during the ride woke up to a surprise!

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