Monday, March 23, 2015

The Weekend and Toledo

The Weekend 
Over the weekend, we spent a lot of time meeting our families. We did, however, try to get together as a group a couple of times. All of us went ice skating in Leganes at some point this weekend, and we also met at the mall, Xanadu, for lunch. One American commented that the food was like a cross between fast food and tapas! After lunch, we had ice cream, while learning our new favorite Spanish word, "cucurucho," which means cone. Of course, we also watched El Clásico between Real Madrid and Barcelona last night! Though this was our only weekend with the students, we will still be able to spend some time with them this Friday when they have the day off!

Unfortunately, the unfavorable weather continued today, with intermittent rain falling throughout our visit to Toledo. (Or, as the Spanish would say, "chispeó hoy.") However, as has been true for the parts of the country we have seen, Spain is beautiful despite the rain! Today, we started in el Museo del Ejército (military museum) and toured it with Juan Antonio, a history teacher from the Colegio del Griñon. Next, we had free time to roam the town, which we passed by visiting McDonalds (¡por supuesto, somos americanos!). Well, only part of the time! We walked the quaint streets of the town, where Jewish, Muslim, and Christian families once lived together in harmony. The center of the town is marked by an enormous cathedral of the Gothic era. Juanma, one of the Spanish students, played guide and told us all about the famous architecture! We saw the cathedral from all angles, took many pictures--even a few "selfís"--and then entered the magnificent structure. As we would say in my Spanish class, "nos quedamos boquíabiertas a ver la maravilla" (the cathedral was jaw-dropping). Today is only Monday and we've already seen so much! We are very excited at the prospect of our other trips to Madrid and Segovia and for a special "surprise" that our Spanish students have planned for us on Wednesday! 

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