Thursday, March 27, 2014

Saints in France:  On joue au basket

"One would think that the French schoolyard was reserved for soccer, but they have a basketball court in addition to their area for their "football".  Though one of the backboards is broken in half, some classic half-court basketball can still be played.  The Americans have assembled a squad, composed of myself, Aaron, Graham, Phippy, and Kyle, to take on the less experienced French students.  We boast an impressive resume, consisting of middle school basketball bench riders and cuts.  The French do not completely understand the rules, often sending 10-12 players against our five.  This is not an issue for us, however, due to our superior knowledge of the game and to rebound and use the backboard.  Stay tuned for more results as we take on the French in the next two days for our national pride." -- Jack Hall '14

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