Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saints in the Bahamas: Snapshot Reef, French Bay Picnic, Lindsay's Reef and Dinner in Town

Day 6 - Last Day on San Salvador

Our last day was definitely one of our best days on the trip.  We finally caught a break with the winds and things settled down.  We first went to Snapshot Reef where we had amazing views of many of the fish that inhabit the waters off the island.

Lucas says: "I think my (favorite) moment was when we were able to go so far in Snapshot beach.  The freedom we were given made me feel more responsibility for my actions and beach buddies.  The beauty of the beach and the beauty of the fish was breathtaking.

Michon, Yukt and Frankie at the beginning of their snorkel in Snapshot Reef.

We had lunch at French Bay where we had one of our best snorkels at the beginning of the week.  The water was too choppy today, but we ate and played in the tidal pools.  Frankie says: "Another really enjoyable part of the trip was when I walked down the tidal pool and saw all the cool sea-life like Gobi fish and sea urchins (and anemones)."

We then went to our second study site, Lindsay's Reef.  It is a highly degraded reef.  It has amazing coral pillars and mazes to swim through, but they have very little living coral left.  We got to see some more beautiful fish.

Chris dives at Lindsay's Reef with Will Coward behind him.

At the end of the day we finished off with a group dinner at a local restaurant.  The kids were able to try conch fritters and Nassau grouper, which is all local cuisine.  They all seemed to enjoy the new dishes.

Tonight we pack up and get ready to start our trip home tomorrow.  It has been a wonderful experience for all of us.  We will leave you with a few words from our kids about their experience:

Yukt - "I enjoyed going to Snapshot beach and catcing a glimpse of underwater life.  I also enjoyed going through the underwater cave and the many truck rides were fun and scenic."

Adrienne - "My favorite part of the trip was swimming through the coral today at Lindsay's Reef.  I got to see great fish that I had only seen in pictures and never imagined I would get the opportunity to see in real life.  It was mesmerizing to be surrounded by the picturesque coral and sea creatures, almost like I was in another world.

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