Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Saints in Greece: New Acropolis Museum, a Byzantine monastery, and Delphi

This morning was a holiday in Athens for which there was a large parade in the center of the city.  Students were able to cut through the parade by the tanks and soldiers (an experience for us all) to put their luggage on the bus.  We then enjoyed the new Acropolis museum before boarding the bus for Delphi.  En route to Delphi we stopped at a Byzantine monastery named Ossios Loucos.  It provided a wonderful panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.  We stopped at the Temple of Athena Pronaios and arrived in Delphi to find that we were the only people in our hotel (15 of the 24 rooms, all with a balcony and view of the bay of Corinth).   After a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant, some students explored the town, others went to a local dance club, and still others returned to the hotel to play cards and relax.  By the way, the entire town is two main roads so everything is close by.    Tomorrow we explore Delphi before heading to the Peloponnesus.

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