Friday, March 28, 2014

Saints in the Bahamas: Grotto Beach Excursion and East Beach (Junk Beach)

San Salvador Day 4

In deference and respect for the incredibly moving post by Ms. Hunt and the French travelers, on their visit to the American Cemetery in Normandy, we thought we should let that be the last word of the day for March 27th.  

Boreas, the Greek god of North Wind continues to spew his wrath at us.  Our two primary study sites were still being buffeted by waves yesterday, forcing us once again to modify our daily plan.  We ended up going to Grotto Beach for a picnic, which we had originally planned as a reward for the student's hard work in gathering data - but alas, no data has yet to be gathered.  Nevertheless it is a beautiful site that I wanted the kids to experience.  On a typical day a snorkeler can circumnavigate the rocky shore overhangs and see fish and other organisms underneath.  Unfortunately, we couldn't allow the kids in the water on this day as you can see there were magnificent swells.

That is Will Coward partially obscured by a crashing wave!

The pavilion where we had our picnic.

Next, we went to Trash Beach on the Atlantic side and we saw the incredible diversity of floating ocean debris that washes up.  There was a computer monitor, numerous flip flops, plastic bottles, lots of fishing line and nets.  It really is astounding how much man-made material is in the Ocean. 

 I took a shot of an interesting drift wood formation.  

As this was a designated "play day", the kids discovered their inner child with trash baseball and building sand castles and mermaids (that is Chris!)  

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