Wednesday, March 19, 2014

10 Saints Prepare for Romania!

Hello! My name is Shannon Fusina and I am an upper school science teacher. I am very excited to have the honor of traveling with Fr. Sean Cavanaugh and 10 sophomore Saints this spring break to Romania.

This is the 9th year in a row that Saints will be traveling to the Pro Vita orphanage in Romania. Pro Vita is a private orphanage community located about 2 hours north of Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Pro Vita is located by the village of Valea Screzii, a small mountain village. The community serves orphans, battered women, elderly, and those that cannot take care of themselves.

Map of Romania: We will be staying at the red "A" north of Bucharest

While abroad, we will have the privilege of using our hands to work on a service project on the grounds of the community, learning some basic Romanian (the only Romance language in eastern Europe!), traveling to Dracula's Castle on an overnight trip to Transylvania, and tutoring and playing with the young children of the orphanage after they return home from school. The students have already begun their service to Pro Vita by collecting two duffel bags full of school supplies and sports equipment for the children to enjoy upon our arrival.

Bran Castle: the legendary castle that is famous for being known as the home of Dracula

Follow along on our trip as I update on the student's activities, travels, and day to day activities!

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TameAMorning said...

I just wanted to know if you know anything about these names for Romania historically: Morcala, Ghanala, Mernala, Renela, Laka, Bala, Ghena, Ghenala, Ginser, The Gitsers, Miss Lock, Senser Inter, Ola , Molak, Enela, Onala, Lava, Merlina, Sennela, Inkener, Morkala, Ursala, Sernala, Merka, Versse, Genersen. They're from something called Romania Underground Lockers. I can't find any more information about it. If not thanks anyway.