Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saints in Romania: Arriving at Pro Vita

Two plane rides and a bus later, we finally made it to Pro Vita! We quickly settled into our bedrooms and took a walk around the property. The night was short and everyone fell asleep early as we were all exhausted from over 12 hours of travel.

We woke up this morning to another gorgeous day! After a breakfast of cereal and tea, it was time for our first lesson in Romanian. My name is, hello, please and thank you were among the first (and most important) words we learned. 

Next, we toured the whole property and entered some of the children's homes. It was especially interesting to see the buildings that our school's previous travelers had worked on or raised money to complete! Especially cool was seeing the handprints of some former Saints on a barn they helped drywall. 

The morning ended with some playtime in the playground. Our Saints were swinging, sliding, clapping, and giving piggy back rides with the younger children in the community. 

Lunch was a special treat, as it is a feast day in the Othodox religion. The whole community and some people from the nearby village came together to celebrate members of the church that had died over the past year. We enjoyed a feast of soup, stuffed cabbage, polenta, apple pie, and birthday cake (it was 2 Pro Via member's birthdays, pictures below).

We are currently taking naps or going for walks before we plan and put on an afternoon carnival. The carnival will have a whipped cream pie throwing stand, ring toss, face paint, and more!

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