Monday, March 26, 2012

Notes from Croatia: Sibenik and Krka National Park

Sibenik, unlike the other towns we have visited, was founded by Croatians. It's a 1,000 year-old city with a beautiful cathedral and more, medieval, narrow, mazy streets filled with shops and cafes. The gang made its way through the old section along the water, foraged successfully for lunch items, and we headed off for lunch at Krka and its amazing falls. The weather was warm and sunny, and nature proved to be quite the treat and fun potion as all ventured among the falls and pools and caves. Wild! Total water damage: portion of a t-shirt and a couple of sneakers. Not bad for navigating the falls' rippling surfaces and tricky footing!

Our last evening back in Split meant more adventures along its ancient streets, including a climb up the cathedral's bell tower for bird's eye views of the palace and bordering environs. (Well, and more gelato later!) Whew!

Tomorrow: the isle of Korcula!

Doc S.

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