Saturday, March 31, 2012

Notes from Croatia: Last day in Dubrovnik!

Where does the time go? One of our eternal questions, yes? In a few hours we will be over the Atlantic on our way west and home, flying as the time did in Croatia. But there's one final installment here, so here goes:

We began the day boarding an excursion boat for the Elafiti Islands, a cluster of tropical-ish "oases" just off of the main coast. Unfortunately, the seas were kind of choppy, the sun ducked behind dark clouds, and our journey took a turn toward more-exciting-than-we-thought-it-would-be. We made the first island unscathed but discovered that the locals were still hibernating. So, we shoved off for the second one, had freshly grilled fish for lunch along the way, and happily found an open cafe at our next port-of-call. Hot chocolate and cappuccinos all around! Then, some R&R on terra firma before sailing home on the somewhat feisty Adriatic, which we again safely navigated. Whew!

Wind-blown but not down, we gathered our collective will and met for dinner at Pizzeria Baracuda in Dubrovnik's old quarter. Double yum! And before heading out to various gelato shops, we had our final group photo taken on Dubrovnik's famous main street or "pedestrian promenade," Placa aka Stradun.

And so, alas, our narrative of foreign intrigue and experiences draws to its end. It is a tale that I have only briefly presented, but is one with many subplots that I am confident you will hear recounted in more and more depth as the memories make their way to the surface. I hope you have enjoyed my version, and I know you will enjoy those more detailed from your loved ones when you see them upon their return home.

Take care, faithful readers, and so long, Dalmatia of Croatia!

Your Humble Narrator,
Doc S
P.S. For a final word, I will leave you with a quotation from Sarah P: "Wow, this place is like Old Town times a thousand!"

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jbs said...

So cool!!! What a great trip. Thanks for the updates.