Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Notes from Croatia: Lazy Day on Korcula

First of all, in case there's any confusion, we are on the island of Korcula and staying in the town of Korcula. We're in the main place, the hot spot...where it's at. :0)

So, today, we crawled out of our rooms at a mellow pace and checked out the local haps in the warm sun and cool breezes. Souvenirs and local art were purchased, and some of the gang joined the morning cafe life. After lunch, we mounted our caravan for the other side of the island and visited Vela Luka, a sleepy, arty community. (See pic of a group cappuccino-hot chocolate-latte-water-espresso session in the bright sun.) Not much happening there at this time of year, so we re-mounted our chariot after bevvies and dashed back home to medieval Korcula town. Evening called for outdoor eats while the sun set, and that meant Croatian pizza. Yum!

Tomorrow, our final destination: Dubrovnik!

Until then, as always, I remain,

Doc S


jbs said...

Sounds like a great day!!! They probably needed a little slower pace, they've been going strong since Friday.

Anne P said...

The pizza looks good even from several thousand miles away. Sounds like it was a fun day.

Your humble reader

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the pics and posts. Only 4 more days. Keep up the pace and pizza!