Thursday, March 29, 2012

Romania - Our Last Day :(

Today is bittersweet for the Saints. We are all ready to head home to sleep in our own beds and there has also been a lot of chatter about eating at Chipotle.

However, to celebrate our last day here, a few of us decided to brave the early wake up call and fully immerse ourselves in the Pro Vita farm activities. Ms. English Mr. Via and Mr. Naidorf woke up at sunrise to head down to the barn and Milk the cows. Make sure to see Adam in action in today's photos!

After a leisurely breakfast, we created a few gardens consisting of trees, marigolds and pansies, plus a few replanted lilies. A few students played with the younger children during their morning free time.

Our last lunch included bean soup and potatoes, in addition to the regular bread, cheese and salami. A couple girls had Nutella for their bread that they attained at Carrefour yesterday.

For our final working hours we divided up into two teams. The first helped Marian carry wood and set up the bonfire (which is currently on hold until the wind dying down). The second group returned to the vegetable project by the kitchen. We made a considerable amount of progress considering the entire wall pictured had heaps of potatoes, carrots, onions and parsnips waiting to be sorted. Our reward was homemade pickles!
At the moment the group is packing and cleaning as we await dinner. For dinner we are about to eat risotto, potatoes, bread, and homemade apple cake (that was Ms. Stone's afternoon project). See you at Dulles!

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