Sunday, March 25, 2012

Romania: Our Day of Rest

We started off our morning a bit confused because of Romania's day light savings. However, after a light breakfast of yogurt, cereal and coffee, we were off to church. Marion, our guide, took us the "short way" which consisted of a muddy path uphill and breath taking views. Some of the village dogs tagged along too. We make it to church just in time to witness the 3 baptisms. Our students were surprised to see the infant submerged in water three times versus dripping water over the head. The church was breath taking and decorated from floor to ceiling with beautiful frescos. After the baptisms, we walked through the cemetery and spent some time with children from the orphanage. We were invited to celebrate at the baptism luncheon, housed in the brand new dining hall next to the church. We enjoyed polenta, fish and risotto. We headed home on a flatter, surface to take naps, play soccer and visit more with the orphans. Dinner was lighter fare, as we were still stuffed from lunch. We wrapped up our night with games and journals. Talk to you tomorrow!

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