Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Notes from Croatia: Split to Korcula!

Ok, so we had a busy day visiting two towns, driving through a sea-kissed tip of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and spending a few hours in our bus as we moved to our next port-of-call, Korcula (pronounced KOR-choo-la). The pix below tell the story:

Virginia, Nicole, Shannon, Alex, and Tom Ed take a well-deserved break after trekking half-way up the wall at Ston. See how high it continues behind them? It's the second longest wall after that one in China. You can't see them off in the background, but Luke and Sarah kept going up! Brave souls.

The next shot is a whacky one from the bus; I guess the looong, winding roads either weren't so bad or the ride demanded silliness. The trip did keep going, but the road ran along the Adriatic, and the views on our cloudless day were spectacular, as they say. Wow. Before Ston, we stopped for refreshments in Bosnia-Herzegovina. What? Yeah, well, about a mile of the country reaches through Croatia to the water, and no way they're giving that gorgeous property up. And they take kunas!

Orebic was our next goal -- home of the ferry we needed to take to our final destination -- but also the home of a fifteenth-century, Franciscan monastery and the site of the group shot in a Renaissance gazebo. See the sea far below us? A nice reward after hiking from the shore! Good grief, we could not have asked for better weather, and the breeze off the Adriatic cooled our sun-soaked skin. The monastery proved to be both a peaceful and exhilarating place to chill. Sweet.

After catching the ferry to Korcula, we made a brief recon of the medieval quarter next to our hotel on the water and successfully satisfied our gelato fix. Yay! Then, we gathered for our evening repast in the hotel. Good eats and funny faces!

Tomorrow: a tour of our island and a visit to the lovely town of Vela Luka.

Until then, I remain,

Doc S


Andrew M. Sidle said...

Wow, 1,495 visits and no comments? Bummer! The gang wants comments! :0) Signed, YHN

jbs said...

I've been wanting to comment. :) Looks like everyone is having a blast. Take more pics!!! How was the monastery? Can you take pics from the ferry looking back at the main land? JBS

Anonymous said...

Great trip. Love the pics.luke is slacking if he can't run the wall at least twice.

Anne P said...

Love the pictures - beautiful country. Everyone looks like they're having a great time. More pictures please!