Thursday, March 29, 2012

By JC and Brad

Day 1.
Barely made it through Charles de-Gaulle.
The things I’ve had to see.
The things I’ve had to do.
Have you ever felt forgotten? Tried to find people at McDonald’s and still get no refills?
I have.
Well, not actually. I have had a lovely trip. WE have actually. This is JC and Brad. Hey.
Or Bonjour. I think that’s how you spell it. I don’t even speak French. But I can read and write it. Hay.
It’s weird typing with a French keyboard. You have to press shift to get a number. Who does that?
And periods too, its pretty ridiculous so I was going to use a run-on sentence because I hate using periods but I’ve decided to end my sentences by actually saying the word “PERIOD”, as if this was a telegram period Any questions?
To be honest, I don’t even remember what I did on the first day period I don’t even know what day it was period No, actually we had a very lovely day in Paris which included a trip to the Louvre art museum and the famous Arc de Triomphe period Yeah, that was a nice touch of French in there right? Yeah period
I watched period It was a time period I had a really good “falafel” too period
Morn of Day 2: As the sun rose over Paris, so, too, did we period
We thought that we, despite being creative and original, could not create a poem as well as one of France’s greats, Guillaume Apollinaire period
So, without further ado:
« A la fin tu es las de ce monde ancien Bergère / ô tour Eiffel le troupeau des ponts bêle ce matin / Tu en as assez de vivre dans l'antiquité grecque et romaine »
« At last you're tired of this elderly world Shepherdess / O Eiffel Tower this morning the bridges are bleating / You're fed up living with antiquity”Alcools, 1912
That was nice period That was really nice period
Wirty dord

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