Wednesday, June 13, 2018

San Salvador, Bahamas Day 3

So, our student photographer, Garrett, is doing an amazing job at taking pictures of marine life. Going through his pictures, though, I realize that he is taking very few pictures of students - which I know many parents are eager to see. So, we will get some candid shots up online tomorrow.

Today we started our day at Grotto Beach, a lovely cove surrounded by limestone overhangs (hence the grotto name).  We had a nice picnic lunch in the field and continued our day at Lindsay's Reef - a nice patch reef close to shore near the Columbus monument.

Today we saw:

- a nurse shark
- two rays
- four baracudas
- lots of coral

It was a good day. Mr. Dodds was our guest lecturer in lab and he taught the students about the role that algae play in the marine ecosystem.  Tomorrow we are going to do a field collection of algae and invertebrates as well as a plankton tow through turtle grass near the Gerace Centre.  We will take the collected specimens into the lab and students will be using keys to identify the samples.  If all goes well we plan to visit the lighthouse and caves in the afternoon.

Mr. Yoder

Here are some nice pictures from Garrett!

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