Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Haiti - Day 1 (now with pictures)

By: Emma Bradley

The day started off early for most, myself included. While the 4 AM start was one that I’m not normally used to , it was also one that I had been anticipating, and when my mom came to wake me up I had an incredibly easy time rolling out of bed and getting ready.

At the airport I found it pretty easy to say good-bye to my parents. After going and getting shots with them and making sure I was all signed up for everything I felt like they might be tagging along, but they weren’t. I honestly feel like they were more scared then I was about this trip. I was ready to go into a country I had been told such good things about by so many friends, while my parents may not have been as prepared in their knowledge as they would have liked. As I left I thought about how much they would have loved embarking on this trip with me. After a solid 2 hour sleep form DCA to MIA, serval unanticipated delays, and a missed flight connection we made it to Port-au-Prince safely. 

The drive from the airport to the hotel was long, but felt like it took no time at all. The vibrant colors from crammed city busses and street signs made it so there was always something to look at. The constant singing from others on the bus made time go by quicker too.

Once at the hotel we began settling in and preparing for the days to come. My roommates and I have already started vloging all of our experiences so we can look back on even the most mundane experiences. The best part of the day had to be the quick swim in the ocean which was so relaxing after the tough day of travel. The food here is also so amazing and had some of the best chicken I have ever had.

I’m honestly so excited for the first day of camp tomorrow and able to not only meet all the little kids but able to make so of the same amazing memories in this place that I’ve been told so much about.

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