Monday, June 18, 2018

Haiti - Day 7

By: Lili Abizaid, Liliana Dowling, and Kathryn Atkinson

Sunday was a bittersweet end to an emotionally strenuous yet moving week. We attended the service at St. Paul’s and had the opportunity to say our final goodbyes to some of the children we bonded with. Though simple, the church’s space was colorful, made even more vibrant by the voices of the people who filled it. 

After the service came to a close, we followed the children outside on a tour of their schoolhouses and saw firsthand the disparities between the learning environments at St. Paul’s School and SSSAS. The tour finished with yet another tearful goodbye, and we piled into the back of our van to make our way to the seminary. 

There, Father Markendy welcomed us with plates of fresh fruit, chicken, and rice. Just as the trip’s ending began to settle in, we suddenly heard children’s shouts coming from behind the wall near us. Turning our heads, we were welcomed by the same kids who had attended the church service with us, who had run from the church all the way to the seminary for a final goodbye. 

This gave all of us another chance to say farewell, and after eating lunch we piled into the bus yet again with a feeling of peace and closure.

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