Monday, June 11, 2018

San Salvador, Bahamas - Day 1

Greetings from San Salvador! We arrived on schedule at noon today and the Director the Gerace Centre, Dr. Troy Dexter, picked us up.  The wonderful folks in the dining hall held lunch for our group.  Dr. Dexter gave us an orientation presentation after which the students were assigned rooms and they were allowed to unpack and settle in.  At 2:30 this afternoon we went to the beach right across from the Centre and did our first check-out/practice snorkel over the turtle grass beds.  We saw lots of fish, a few conch shells, some anemone and a few brain coral. Today was more about practicing snorkeling and getting used to our gear, though. Tonight the students helped move some of our storage bins out of the Quonset hut here (we stored some things here in 2014) and I gave our first lecture this evening (Geology and History of the Bahamas).  The students took notes and asked interesting questions!  They then enjoyed the snack bar and now I hear music coming from their rooms.  We will close things down at 10 pm when Mr. Dodds and I do the room check.

Tomorrow we go to my favorite site called Rocky Point, which is a whole series of patch reefs a short drive from the Centre.  We should have some underwater shots to share at that point.

It has been a whirlwind.  I will get the students to share posts in succeeding days.

Mr. Yoder

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