Friday, June 15, 2018

San Salvador, Bahamas Day 5

Hey it's Jack and Marco, and this is our fifth day on San Salvador. Today I woke up to Caden's beautiful vocals after running out of his bug infested room. At 9 we packed up and went to French bay on the other side of the island. It was a long ride, but we played music and upon arrival we found out that the waves were very rough. It was a choppy snorkel and Garret enjoyed swimming through a rock tunnel. Everyone was scared of the thought of seeing a shark and Barrett was struggling to stay afloat. He persevered and made it out of the water alive but was very tired and fell asleep on the beach while we ate lunch. We saw a giant Parrotfish in shallow water that had vibrant colors. We then came back to the Gerace Research Centre and played one of our daily basketball games. Barrett nearly passed away during the basketball game trying to keep up with Mr. Dodd's sick moves. [Photos!]

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