Friday, June 15, 2018

Haiti - Day 4

By: Sylvie Weiman

Today, we arrived at the seminary ready for a day of laughter, play, and English lessons. We started with our normal routine of greeting the children, gathering supplies for our lessons, and waiting for the kids to finish their breakfast. 

At 9:30, our normal gathering with the children, for whatever reason, just didn’t happen. In unspoken agreement, we all spread out around the seminary yard, some of us with books, some with chalk, and some with whiteboards. I began to read a book about soccer to one boy and before I knew it there was a crowd of about ten kids straining to look at the pictures and listen to my reading. 

In these more informal lessons, the children could take control of their own learning. They were not forced to be in a specific group or learn a specific set of vocabulary. With some of the older kids, I used my pocket Creole dictionary to explain common phrases and questions. The dictionary, instead of solely benefiting me, became a great teaching tool. This reflects the way that these kids are teaching us just as much (if not more) than we’re teaching them. 

It was so cool that the kids got the opportunity to take initiative for their own learning. Although today didn’t go exactly as planned, we all agree that it was the best day yet, and we hope we can carry the same energy into our last day.

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