Thursday, June 14, 2018

San Salvador, Bahamas Day 4

Hi, this is Barrett, Caden, and Brett! Today we snorkeled at North Point and collected different specimens. We collected algae and water samples. After finishing our collecting, we went to an area called "The Cut". We saw a nurse shark, coral, algae, and some other interesting fish. Once we got back to GRC we did a lab and identified the algae we collected. While we were identifying the algae we saw an octopus and a crab. The octopus was very cute and it was transparent. We then took some pictures and put it into a larger tank. After the lab we played some b-ball and ate dinner. Later that night, we had a lecture on the animalia kingdom, which consists of coral, starfish, lobster, worms, crabs, and other animals. After we finished our lecture we got snacks and hung out until the day was done.

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