Tuesday, June 12, 2018

San Salvador, Bahamas - Day 2

At Rocky Point Beach
Hi this is Lucy and Ana. Today, we went snorkeling at Rocky Point in the morning. There Mr. Yoder pointed out different types of coral to us and we identified them (Mr. Yoder will put pictures of us snorkeling on the website later- shout out Garrett for taking the pictures and videos). We then came back to the Gerace Research Center and ate lunch. After lunch, we explored the island. We stopped at fossil reef, a fossilized reef from about 150,000 years ago, first. Then we went to Cockburn Town and got some much needed ice cream and snacks. Finally, we stopped at Columbus landing, where it is rumored Columbus first landed in the new world. We all packed back into the truck and drove around the outskirts of the island back to the research center. Once we had dinner, we went to the lab room and learned about the different coral ecosystems and types of reefs. Now we're going back to our rooms to get crushed by Coach Jordan in five crowns.

June 12th Pictures. Snorkeling, Coral, Columbus Landing, Basketball in Paradise!

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