Sunday, June 17, 2018

Haiti - Day 5 (now with pictures!)

Haiti - Day 5

Today, we have some reflections from the students on the final day of the camp.  Pictures to come later.  - Editor

Today, my life was changed once again. As we walked into camp today, it was no longer us walking up to the kids to say “bonjou” or “kommen ca va,” instead they ran to us as we got off the bus with “love you’s” and “hi.” It was humbling to see each of the kids share their food, water, love, and endless kindness. I never thought I could go to a place and not be homesick, but Haiti has changed that for me. These kids have changed my outlook on life and have shown me love that I’ll never forget. 
- Jasmine

Last night the group was asked a question by Profe Gilbert: What do you want your last day to look like? Simple answer. I wanted everyone to be happy and for me to radiate all the positive energy I could whether it was reading a book, playing down by the banks, or coloring with the different paints. Today was the day to truly express my hopes. I remember I was chasing this little girl and we ran all the way to the edge of the property where all the older kids were playing music and dancing. The older kids sort of looked at us funny, but once I grabbed their hands and started dancing everyone became comfortable and laughter erupted amongst me and the kids. Looking back on this moment when everyone was enveloped in simple bliss makes me realize that no matter how difficult things may be there’s always music and friends-a light that reminds you to be happy and to just smile. 
- Gabby

Today at the seminary was heartbreaking. We all knew how the day camp would inevitably end but we tried to enjoy the last day together. During the day’s activities we teared up at the thought that this would be the last day with the children.  It was crushing to say goodbye to those people we came close to over the last four days. It was extremely sad to have missed saying good bye to some friends who I felt closest to.  The loss of these relationships, knowing that I have a small chance of seeing these kids again made me reevaluate the relationships back at home. This is because I’ve never had a significant loss, so this loss of kids after four days made me imagine how I felt about relationships at home.
- Jamal

One thing that is so special about our group is how involved we have vowed to be. In the meetings we had back at school to prepare for this trip we would have liked more insight from previous participants who traveled to Haiti. What I want to see from this group is living up to our promises to stay involved. We will make sure that next year’s participants understand the value of this service learning trip. In order for change to happen, the word of this work needs to be spread. We have to go back to The States and keep all of what happened in our memories and not forget how fortunate we are. The school selected a great group of young people to go on this journey of service this year.
- Ryder


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