Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saints enjoy Semana Santa in Sevilla

Today we had a long and beautiful Domingo de Ramos (palm Sunday) in Sevilla. We started with a guided tour at the Alcazar, a beautiful palace where Muslim and Catholic influences interact. Our tour guide was very impressed by our students desire to speak Spanish!She said that in her 35 years of being a guide, she never met a group that having the possibility to hear the tour in English had asked her to do it in Spanish. After that, we enjoyed a boat ride along the Guadalquivir, a flamenco museum with a lesson and show, and a delicious dinner. Coming back to the hotel we encountered the Semana Santa processions, something very unique. Now, I am in the hotel lobby blogging and everybody else is in their rooms gathering energy for tomorrow. All I can say is that Mr. Gilbert, our guide, and I are really proud of these 20 young folks. So far, they have been very respectful of schedules and rules and they are super flexible. AMAZING GROUP! Hasta mañana!

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