Sunday, March 24, 2013

Romania: Day 4

Sunday morning in Romania meant church time! After breakfast we walked up the road into the town area of Valea Screzii. This week church was in the smaller of the two buildings, which measured approximately 10 rows by 6 seats. Since we were only attending the last quarter of the 4+ hour service, we watched from the back. This proved interesting as we could watch the other latecomers light an offering and tracking their family prayer list.

After church we walked to the end of town to view the entire village from above and take a group photo. The walk home was quick and we grabbed a quick bowl of soup before jumping into the bus for our travel portion of the trip.

As we wound into the hills of Transylvania, everyone grew excited to watch the landscape turn snowy and castles appeared. Today we visited Peles, which was home to the first royal family of the kingdom of Romania. We had an excellent tour guide!

Tonight we are staying at Vlahia Inn near Brasov. We had a delicious dinner with traditional fare, dessert and even musical accompaniment from a local!

While we are having fun touring, the group is very eager to return to Pro Vita and play!

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