Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Romania: Day 7

Today we woke up and started to organize our bags for the trip home. After breakfast, we collected some firewood for the furnace and mopped the floors in the house.

After the chores were completed some of us had a snowball fight with a few of the young boys from the village who have really strong throwing arms! We had soup and potatoes for lunch and then played some card games. Just when we thought there was no more work to be done, Alex, our volunteer coordinator and, Melanie, the CEO came through with a job for the whole group. There was a house width 30 large crates filled with books that needed to be carried to the house that we had been painting for the last week. Our group eagerly began working on the daunting task with help from one of the residents. Alex told us that we did not need to finish today, but the Saints persevered as we finished trekking all 30 boxes and countless books through the cold snow and wet mud. When the work was done we went for a victory run up the steep 200 yard hill next to our house to catch a spectacular late afternoon view of the village, rolling hills and mountains from the church as snow began to fall over "Snow Vita" as we have come to call it.

We are resting up for dinner, bedtime and our last day in Valea Screzii.

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME SAINTS!!!!!!!!!! (but we knew that all along)