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Haiti - Day 6

Haiti - Day 6

By: Priya Katyal and Evelyn Perfall (ed. Yee)

On the road to Cange

Today, we went to Cange to see the home of Paul Farmer (who founded Partners in Health) and the different facilities he created.  When we first reached Cange, we went to a middle school where we ate lunch with Father Walin and his friend Father Kesner.

In front of the middle school

After lunch, we met a woman who has assisted in Farmer's legacy through her art foundation on the campus of Zanmi Lasante (the name of the hospital grounds).  A few people bought some of the paintings and unique novelty stuffed dinosaurs.  She was also kind enough to show us Paul Farmer's house across the street from the hospital grounds.

Jackie Williams from Greenville, SC, whose husband came to work on the water system in 1985 and has never left
Crazy looking dinosaur

Paul Farmer's house of many colors

Paul Farmer's energetic dog named "Kado," meaning "Gift."
A teacher, the head librarian of the school on the compound named Luke, took us on a tour of the facilities.  While touring the facilities, we noticed a drastic difference from those in the US.  The rooms were much smaller and the instruments were not as advanced as those we are used to.

A view over inpatient care

At the orphanage
All of this has reinforced what we learned during the previous days and has helped us realize how much we take for granted.  We've had a long, full day today, but still look forward to attending a church service tomorrow morning.

Final selfie with our tour guide Luke

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