Thursday, June 15, 2017

Haiti - Day 3

A great outdoor classroom

Reagan Brown and Sophia Silis

Today was our second day working with the kids at the camp. Our lesson focus was on directions and navigating the seminary. Overall, things went a lot smoother than the first day. For starters we were all familiar with the kids in our group and how they contributed to lessons from the previous day. We also had an idea of how easy it is for plans to "fall apart." Because of that we were able to spend more time teaching at the beginning.

Afterwards we gathered for another Kreyol lesson with the mayor of the town that went just as well as the other day. We focused on the alphabet and phrasing negative sentences.

The tables turn
Then we spent the afternoon playing with the kids which was a lot less chaotic than the previous day. There was just as much running around and question asking as before but it felt like because we already got a lot of it out of their system yesterday, things were calmer.

What surprised me the most were the farewells to the kids. When we were leaving the camp, kids who I hadn't even interacted with gave hugs and said goodbye. The gesture really meant a lot.

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