Monday, August 11, 2014

Budding Yogis: Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Certification

This summer I participated in a 20-hour certification course for Kids Yoga and Mindfulness.  The benefits of both in a child's life are extremely valuable.

Mindfulness is simply the act of paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Practicing this helps children create a larger picture of who they are as a person and how they feel about themselves. This is particularly important in a society where children start to face the same demands on their time as adults.

Yoga is an excellent opportunity for children to be active without the stress of a competitive benchmark with their peers. With yoga, there is no being good at it or bad at it.  The kids just do it, and in doing it they gain confidence, fitness and have an abundant amount of fun.

I am so grateful to the APT and the Administration for this inspiring opportunity -- thank you very much. I plan to use what I am learning from this experience in my classroom, as well as in our after-school program at the Lower School.

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