Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last Day in Shanghai

Today we visited the Shanghai World Foreign Language School. It is a first through fifth grade school with a specific mission to give students a global perspective. Many of their classes are taught in English by native English speakers. It is a private school with an extremely competitive admissions process - only 120 students are accepted from 3800 applicants! Our first impression was that the school is a warm and welcoming and positive one, and that was certainly confirmed during our visit!

First we met with the school's founder, principal, and a few board members. We watched a video about the school and then asked some general questions before taking a tour. Then we walked around the school and saw so many things: we saw a science class on the phases of the moon, we watched a calligraphy class, we saw a dance performance, we watched students make dumplings and even made some ourselves, I did a magic trick for a class, and then we joined a grade in a dance!

After the tour we returned to the meeting room to discuss ways our schools could connect. We discussed everything from teacher exchanges to joint Internet projects. What a joyful and fruitful visit!

This afternoon we flew to Chongqing.

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Linda Stratton said...

Awesome! Love the dances and very cool to see the classes in action.