Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Panama 2019 - Day 3 (Tues.)

     Today we finally got to meet some of the children from La Isla Cristobal where Give and Surf is located. Everyone was amazing and welcoming and all of us from the U.S. were able to bond with them on an individual level. Each child had his/her own personality, but they all were joined by their excitement to meet us. They were so open and sweet that they started regarding us as family. "¡Dos bebes, dos bebes!" (two babies, two babies) yelled the two girls as I carried them, one in each arm, from place to place.  They taught us how to use rope in multiple ways, as a jump rope, as a swing, and for tug of war. As we left, the children gave us huge hugs--we left happy and tired! - Latrice 

     After our afternoon visit with the children, the wind started to pick up and we were forced to take two boats back to the hostel rather than one. While we were waiting for the second boat, I looked to my right, and saw one of the most breathtaking views of my life; the sun sparkling off the water while the waves seemed to go on past the horizon. Then I turned to my left and saw sheet metal houses, trash, and emaciated dogs covered the community where we had spent the day. It was like someone had taken two sights, independant of one another, and stitched them together.
- Luke Senich

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