Monday, June 3, 2013

Notes from Haiti: Visiting St. Paul's School

Hello everyone!
Today, we visited our sister school, a K-9 school called St. Paul's here in Montrouis.  Our kids endured a slight moment of discomfort and reservation to begin, but those misgivings soon gave to the joy you see in the pictures.  Touring the classrooms and the grounds to the school opened our eyes to the clear needs of these children, but also the power of the humanity always  behind the issues.  As we left, we surveyed the computer lab with hopes to make preparations for a short training session we'd planned for Monday. We found, though, that the computers had not yet been opened, and needed to be charged. On our way out, we each grabbed a computer to charge back here at the seminary and we will make sure that our plans for Monday succeed! Our afternoon's work, then, is to charge these computers, do some small cleanup tasks around the seminary, eat, and, of course, enjoy the beach. It's sure to be another fun, full, and fulfilling day!
David Yee, Emily Geiger, and Brian Kane

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