Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Croatia: Spring Break on the Dalmatian Coast

Greetings, all! Well, soon 14 Saints and Mrs. McElroy and I will be heading off to the Dalmatian coast of Croatia for 8 days of Adriatic culture and bliss. The three towns pictured here -- Split, Korcula, and Dubrovnik (top to bottom) -- we will call home for a few nights each. Should be a gas!

Stay tuned for updates from the road beginning 23 March through 1 April. We'll have pictures of our travelers immersed in their various adventures, maybe even some video, and plenty of details on our latest happenings in the once Roman, Venetian, Ottoman, Austrian, and French, but now Croatian lands. Can't wait!

Until then, signing off,

Your Humble Narrator,
Doc Sidle

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Colleen McNeil said...

It looks beautiful there, thank you for sharing these photos. Hope you have a wonderful trip. Sretan put! (Safe travels!)